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Feb 3, 2013 5:30am PST
. >> emerging technologies are changing the ways that we get our entertainment, but not for everyone. 40 years since television was transmitted in color, new figures show the 20,000 homes still enjoy their programs in black and white. not so bad, is it? part of our ongoing series of not so obsolete technologies around the world. >> the main issues in europe today -- >> do not adjust your television, do not worry, there is nothing wrong. john thompson just prefers television in black and white. >> it somehow has more importance to it, it seems less trivial as there are more and more channels, to sit down and watch a vintage black-and-white television seems as if you are doing something special. >> john is not alone, 13,000 people in britain are tuning in. >> in britain you must pay a television tax. a black-and-white television like this, you would have a license that would cost $78, as opposed to hundred $30 for color. >> some of these sets in south london date back to 1936. there were only a handful, only the rich could afford them. which is dangerous. >> much of the early televisions did not
Feb 2, 2013 2:00pm PST
and organizations have been similarly attacked. technology journalist says the hacker group, anonymous, is responsible. >> anonymous are claiming responsibility for this and they've been very loosely politically actively hacking group, been responsible for an awful lot of increase in hacker activity the last couple of years. we had the spin-off from them, lulzsec. the chinese have been hacking, like most governments, engaged in hacking, but there's more public exposure of their hacks and i think a lot of this is really this stuff that is really spin-offs of anonymous. this is idealistic hacking. >> an emotionally apology from a japanese pop star is causing uproar on line. nanami shaved her head after breaking her management company's most important rule, no dating. >> a pop group, social phenomenon and money making machine for their management company. a.k.b.48 is japan's largest all female band. the singing sensation comprised of starlets in their teens and early 20's. the selling point, a word that combines the qualities of cuteness and innocence as it's become so important in the co
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2